Bee Friendly Bridport is a Community Group established by the team at The Dorset Bee and the Symondsbury School Bee Club.

We aim to raise awareness of the importance of all pollinators and the risks to them of habitat loss. This includes the actions that individuals, groups and organisations can take to support pollinators.

Creating a Buzz about Town
We have installed 12 Solitary Bee Hotels around Bridport town centre, these will appeal as nest sites to some of the 250 species of Solitary Bee in the UK, most
probably Leaf Cutter, Mason bees and the delightful Hairy Footed Flower Bees! Follow the trail around town.

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We had a great day launching our bee hotel trail!
You'll find our trail map below.

Bee Hotel Trail Map
You can pick up a trail map at the Tourist Information Office and other venues across town.

We asked some of our supporters to let us know why it is important for them to encourage pollinators into their green spaces.

Thank you so much for our little Bee Hotel we have been busy planting more nectar rich flowers around it, in the hope of getting some new residents!
St Mary’s church is in the centre of Bridport and is part of our Parish Eco-Church scheme. We have been working hard to increase biodiversity and to care for God’s natural world in our church yard, particularly as it is in an urban setting. So we are delighted to have a Solitary Bee Hotel in our Butterfly and Bee garden and look forward to it bringing more bees and more visitors to our churchyard.
St Mary's Church

West Bay Discovery Centre has won numerous awards for its sustainability measures. We recognise that bees are in decline and know the important part bees play in biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival. In our small wildflower patch we are trying to plant a range of flowers to provide an extra source of nectar for the bees and demonstrate about the importance of bees to the public. We welcome the opportunity to join with us in our community to make Bridport even more bee friendly!
West Bay Discovery Centre

Gardens make up over 1.8 million acres of the UK so how we garden matters!
Pollinators have always been a vital part of a thriving garden. Around 75% of crop plants require some degree of insect pollination, including many of our everyday fruit and vegetables so we need pollinators as much as pollinators need us to garden responsibly!
One of our aims is to help educate our customers about why pollinators are important & how they can garden to encourage pollinators.
Groves Nurseries & Garden Centre

Bridport Community Shed aims to support the wellbeing of our community and we do this by promoting the ethos that sharing skills, using less and mending more is good for us and the environment. Crafting the bee hotels with our volunteers and having one of them to look after here in the Millenium gardens fits perfectly with our activities.
We would appreciate any updates on the Bee Hotel Trail progress. And we are currently trying to fulfill a couple more orders, which has come from your initiative.
Bridport Community Shed

As Unitarians, we have a deep respect for our interdependence with all life on this planet and bees are so important to our ecosystem. We are so happy that the Bridport Bee Hotel trail is encouraging pollinators to our lovely garden and beyond.
The Chapel in The Garden

No bees = no life (or a lot of hard work - see how China pollinates its fruit trees). They are amazing insects. They provide us with so much from food to flowers. All they ask is we don’t use nasty chemicals (which we don’t).
It’s amazing to see the bee hotels already in use.
The Woodman

Bridport Tree Planting has planted or given away to be planted more than 2,000 trees locally and we’re happy to say that recently we have put an emphasis on fruit trees which will benefit pollinators. We gave 24 fruit trees to the new Court Orchard initiative, planted at the beginning of 2024, more fruit trees to a play park in Bradpole, gave fruit trees to the Bridport Allotment group and also gave away free fruit trees in a lucky draw for our members. We wholly support Bee Friendly Bridport and hope to work together with them to not just benefit pollinators but other biodiversity as well and, of course, do our bit to mitigate the Climate Crisis. Good luck with your Bee Hotel Trail!
Bridport Tree Planting