Beginner Beekeeper
Learning Resources

This page is provided for those that have joined us to follow one of our beginner beekeeper courses. You will find here links and downloads of some materials that we took you through on the course, but it is primarily a launching point for you to look into other useful resources to help you continue your learning. 


Beginner Beekeeper - Subjects to Know and Understand by The Dorset Bee

Beekeeping Terminology by The Dorset Bee

Basic Assessment Syllabus - British Beekeeping Association

Basic Annual Colony Cycle by The Dorset Bee

Discussing Personal Philosophies & Practices by The Dorset Bee

Learning from the bees conference 2023 - text of a talk by Gareth John titled 'The Hardest Thing of All to See is What is Really There'

Apicentric Beekeeping by David Heaf - A Natural Bee Husbandry article

Beekeeping and Sustainability - Bees For Development

Plants & Forage (see also Links section)

Bumblebee Conservation Trust Planting Guide
RHS - P4P Garden Plants
RHS - P4P Wildflowers
RHS - 365 days of bees

Old Books as pdf's
At the Hive Entrance by H. Storch

Beekeeping For All by Abbe Warre (the inventor of the Warre hive)

English beekeeping from c1200 to 1850: evidence from local records - an interesting old text if you are into cultural history



Northern Bee Books - they seem to have them all!

Honeybee Democracy By Tom Seeley (for decades a brilliant and prolific researcher, writer and teacher)

The Lives of Bees By Tom Seeley (The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild)

Haynes Bee Manual

The Bee Friendly Beekeeper By David Heaf