We are all beekeeper friends with a passion for educating people about honeybees, and we recognise the privilege we possess in our daily contact with honeybees. Our desire is to share this with adults and children, to introduce them to the joy, tranquillity, and the fascinatingly complex behaviours of honeybees.

So we created 'Nature Buzz', a Community Interest Company, formed to enable us to expand the community beekeeping work that we have been developing over the last couple of years.

Culturally, people generally like bees, or the concept of them, even if they have a learnt fear of them. This cultural feeling is well founded, honeybees have been eusocial insects for millions of years and so human beings have had a relationship with honeybees throughout our existence. This relationship continues today and those people lucky enough to be able to interact regularly with bees know how rewarding this relationship is.

At the end of a session we take a long moment to just sit and watch the bees.

Most people are unable to have their own colony of bees, but we can provide access through Green Social Prescribing, which specifically supports adults to connect with nature-based activities.

Social prescribing works for a wide range of people and the GP based social prescribing team will identify those that they think will benefit from bee experiences. This may be people that have one or more long-term conditions, need support with their mental health, are lonely or isolated or have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.

Working with Schools

Connecting children to nature through Bees has been an amazing experience, learning how the bees work together as a super organism for the good of the whole rather than for the good of the self really resonates with these young minds.

First time in the suits.

Engaged and fascinated.

Lots to learn about bees.

Social Prescribing Case Study
Prepared by The Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network Team

The NHS Social Prescribing team is based at Bridport medical centre (part of the Jurassic Coast PCN) and we work closely with them to offer Green Social Prescribing sessions. After our first year of providing sessions the social prescribing team prepared a case study to show both the benefit of these sessions for the people that attend and the efficacy for the NHS. Below is an image of the summary sheet and you can download the full case study here.

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